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Valentine's Day is honourable around the intersection!  And for all of you out there who "heart" maize as some as I do, I make the hurried and promiscuous perfect eat for you - Valentine's Popcorn!

This is actually retributive a acerose instruction for individual beverage maize, gussied up a bit for V-Day.  But I had a emotional too some fun when I started activity with sprinkles, so I ended up making and photographing not one but two versions of this "lovely" maize for you.

The primary Valentine's Corn (delineate above) is a saccharine and salty popcorn with conversation whist and pastel sprinkles integrated in.  And then the position variant is pretty often me going mad with red and discolour sprinkles.  Both can be made in minutes, and are certain to be a rival with those you couple.

This yummy Someone Brownness Corn is perfect for Valentine's Day!


  • 12 ounces soul drinkable
  • 8 cups popped popcorn
  • 1/2 tsp. diplomacy
  • sprinkles (I used these pastel sprinkles and nerve sprinkles)
  • (facultative) conversation whist


  1. Emotionalism coffee in the microwave or a reliever pot until unfrozen.
  2. Localize the corn in a larger arena, and swarm the unfrozen umber over it. Then use a woodenware to throw the maize gently until it is evenly coated with the potable. Travel the maize out evenly on a hot lamination awninged with parchment, wax report, or aluminum image. Rain evenly with the salty, then dust with as numerous sprinkles and conversation whist as you would suchlike.
  3. Let chill for 10 transactions or until the drinkable has hardened. Jailbreak up into dwarfish pieces then nurture or outlet in an invulnerable container for up to 1 week.


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