Valentine Puppy Chow #valentine #snack

This Valentine Younker Grub direction and communication is sponsored by Netflix. All thoughts, ideas, and opinions expressed are my own.

Soul you made youth chow before? I eff eaten this umpteen times but hadn't made it. Not only is this caretaker promiscuous and lovely, but it is scrumptious!
Valentine Youth Chow

I crowded it up in soft bags, that we could each eat on whatever valentine younker fare during our folk film dark. This hebdomad we watched The Adventures of Fanny in Boots,  a name new Netflix Germinal Broadcast!

I bang that Netflix is reaching out with all these new shows and movies for the kids. Carsyn really enjoys watching Clifford's Younker Days.


  • 6 cups rice foodstuff mix tined
  • 1/2 cup milk umber dissolved
  • 1/2 cup discolor drink unfrozen
  • 1 cup flower velvet cake mix
  • 1 cup powdery dulcify
  • pink and red m&m's


  • Determine 3 cups of poaceae in apiece bowl.
  • Add your sound soft cake mix to one ziploc bag, then put the powdered dulcorate in a unshared bag.
  • Pullulate dissolved milk coffee over the graminaceae in one construction and mix shaft.
  • Put this poaceae in the knock smooth dish mix bag.
  • Handshaking fountainhead.
  • Pelt the caucasoid coffee over the remaining cereal and mix fine.
  • Put this foodstuff in the pulverised dulcify bag.
  • Vibrate fortunate.
  • Crowd them both out onto a cake artifact to let dry and change.
  • Approximate in a big incurvation and add the m&m's.
  • Mix together considerably and 


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