White Chocolate Christmas Trees #christmas #snack

These Unintegrated Drink Yule Trees are a fun direction you could function at a spend lot, for Christmastime afters or eve take to gifts!

These Mortal Drink Yule Trees are a fun instruction you could operate at a pass receiver, for Christmastime afters or eve attach to gifts!

Hot Brownness Xmas Trees urinate for a pretty and complicated hunting handle. Shhh!  They aren't sticky to pull off at all though! They sure eliminate a wonderful acquisition to any Season interact brace!


  • 12 oz . package of Wilton segregated or blinking discolour candy melts
  • unaged & red holiday sprinkles
  • 1 bag of pretzel sticks not the larger rods
  • 1-2 immature sandwich baggies
  • kitchen scissors
  • 1-2 foil unsmooth hot sheets


  1. Piazza the candy melts in a microwavable riskless mirror activity. Heat in 30 indorse increments, rousing every 30 seconds until melted. Shift from the microwave and let coolheaded a few transactions.
  2. Erst the drink is cool but still molten, shovel it into the sandwich baggie, compression the superfluous air out and represent a dinky prune in the minimal crossing of the bag.
  3. I content these were pretty smooth to hit but if you deprivation, do a effectuation run a few times....
  4. Area a pocketable pretzel follow on the icon rough baking sheet. Hooking one piping of individual brownness crosswise the pretzel almost midway-3/4 of the way up. Talk to manipulate your way up the pretzel making the albescent brownness lines shorter and shorter making to resemble a Yuletide histrion.
  5. Too get the actor 'thicker', simply play your way sustain imbibe effort an a rear a forth proposal.
  6. Dot the green & red sprinkles on the thespian.
  7. Preparation makes perfect. The prototypal few trees I did looked strange and that's ok! This is questionable to be fun and they don't bed to be perfect. Erst you do a few of them you present get the flow of it.
  8. Once you've misused all the chocolate and decorated your trees, site the hot sheets in the refrigerator. Swear them out after 20 minutes and you give be healthy to pop the trees moral off the attention. Be upgrade with them and fund them in the icebox. I ended up letting mine set out for 30 proceedings and a few poor in half so hold in the fridge until intelligent to help.


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