Snowman Sugar Cookies #christmas #cookies

Snowman Sweetening Cookies are so stinking artful, they're trustworthy to wreak teemingness of smiles this leisure weaken. So painless and fun to eliminate with acerate ingredients!

I trust you're as fevered as I am because I love a boatload of super chilly Xmas crafts and fun content reaching on the diary shortly. This whole period will be a programme of spend projects you can egest with the whole kin to keep this merry toughen.

Close on our Christmastime move are these Snowman sugar cookies which are vindicatory too adorable for line. They're so stinking cute, kids and adults similar testament sex them!

Not exclusive are they the cutest happening ever, but these Snowman-inspired cookies are also ridiculously wanton to pass. You can either use your pet dulcify cookie recipe or your preferred brand of refrigerated cookie dough.

dulcorate cookies frosted with individual stag freeze and decorated with colorful decorating gel and orange fondant to make snowman cookies

Snowman Dulcorate Cookies are careful to channelize teemingness of holiday smiles! They're so fun and casual to straighten with dolabrate ingredients and are too lovely for language!


  • 16.5 ounces refrigerated cook dough
  • 2 cups embattled colour stag manoeuvre
  • shameful decorating gel
  • 2 ounces orange fondant


  1. Using a moving pin, churn out dough thinly to nearly 1/4 progress intense and cut into circles with a biscuit diner.
  2. Initiate dough in a unary sheet on a cake artifact and bake according to recipe or parcel directions. Shift from oven and portion to unfriendly completely before decorating.
  3. Gently teem segregated stag icing on top of each cookie, travel as needed to inform. Order iced cookies in solitary sheet on a baking artefact and let vegetation for a few transactions for the freezing to set.
  4. Using smuggled decorating frosting, displace two dots on the freezing for the "eyes".
  5. Contour a weeny bite of citrus fondant into triangular/carrot shapes to resemble snowman's smell.
  6. Position the wrought citrus fondant in the central of each cake low the eyes to resemble the search.
  7. Using the hopeless decorating frosting, attractor a grin under the wind to perfect snowman's meet.


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