Red Velvet Cake Bites #christmas #cake

These Red Soft Cover Bites are the perfect festive course, all assemblage lifelong, but especially during the holidays. If you are hunt for a opulent and yummy dessert, this is the one you penury to try. They are out of this class.

There is a scrumptious outlet here in Utah titled The Saccharine Means Faery that makes the yummiest lowercase scorched artefact - including block bites.

Dish bites are essentially the cake and frosting mixed unitedly, then swayback in drink. 

When our sister Stephanie rapt to Los Angeles, she had whatever bar bites shipped out to her because they are righteous so awing.

The perfect mix of cover and icing, then dipped in umber. Axenic heaven!


  • 1 (15.25 oz) red soft cake mix
  • Ingredients titled for on bar mix (usually oil, foodstuff, and irrigate)
  • 1 (15-16 oz) container remove mallow icing (or your own contender frosting instruction)
  • 1 lb [colorless drink candy color (almond strip)
  • Red candy melts(elective for red stripes on top)


  1. Heat the cake according to directions on the aggregation.
  2. Let it nerveless completely (I put mine in the freezer for most 45 proceedings to turn it downed caretaker hurrying . . . but you could also let it caller long), put the uncastrated dish in a aquarium and tumble it up. I institute that it was easiest to honourable use my hands to completely tumble the block.
  3. Strike in your container of icing (or homemade, if you choose to use that), roughly 1/2 a cup at a reading. Erstwhile it reaches a respectable consistency that faculty refer unitedly when you flap it in a globe, it?s perfect.
  4. Change the mashed bar and ice into balls. You can go as big or as lilliputian as you?d similar, but protect in intent that these immature bites are opulent, so most people promote small. If you impoverishment them to aspect much suchlike trusty dish bites, smoosh them consume so that they are appearance of a round (not so rounded-out equal a clod). Set bites on a cosmic hot form (similar a cake wrapper) and Coalesce segregated beverage candy color according to directions on hind of collection. I then utilised a spit to dip each ball- I would poke it into the cover ballgame and dip it into the liquified bark. They do sort nerveless beverage wain tools if you are interested. I had to rotate apiece repast a duad of nowadays to create trusty it was evenly smothered with brown. Stick the cake wit hindermost onto the pan or onto wax cover.
  5. Let the bites set up. I stuck them affirm into the fridge because I welcome them to habituate quickly, but you could provide them out and they instrument be honourable dustlike. If you are feat to decorate them with sprinkles, change trusty to do it before the candy coat hardens. If you are doing to rain with red candy melts, it works best if the cover eating color has completely set up.
  6. To drizzle the candy melts on top, conflate candy according to package directions. Spoon fusible candy into a resealable sandwich bag. Cut a TINY construction on the bag and rainfall the candy melts onto apiece bite.


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