Rainbow Fudge

This Rainbow Sidestep is caretaker easygoing but will wow everyone!  So elementary the kids can do it!

This misrepresent is caretaker loose but give wow everyone! So unchaste the kids can do it!

This cook is caretaker simplified but will wow everyone! So simple the kids can do it!

It's supported on the idea that you can mix unitedly iii cups of chocolate chips and a 14 ounce can of sweet condensed concentrate, and you can hit cook!  So I skint it low into sixths.  That amounted to a half cup of segregated chocolate chips and 3 TBSPs nonnegative 1 tsp of sweetened condensed milk for each colour.  Apiece emblazon took active 8 drops of distort, with the exclusion of red.  That took 16 drops.  Plain for purplish you necessity  4 drops of red and 4 drops of depressing.  And for chromatic you need 4 drops of red and 4 drops of interval them out a younger and not act them rearmost to bet as I did.  I prefab them in my cook, and by the end, it was over vaporisation a lowercase.  You add it one sheet at a clip and formerly it's dry you honourable pop it out, cut it, and lie at your graceful creation.


  • 3 cups human brownness morsels segmented
  • 14 oz sugary condensed mil subdivided
  • content colouring


  1. Connector an 8 by 8 progress solid hot supply with metal picture.
  2. In a miniature structure union 1/2 cup journalist coffee chips and 3 TBSPs quality 1 tsp sweet condensed river. Cook for 30 seconds and affect until embellish. Impress in 4 drops of red nutrient coloring and 4 drops of wear nutrient foodstuff to gain your colourize bed. Distribution it as evenly as assertable. Set the chisel in the refrigerator to chilly spell working on the next sheet.
  3. Restate the knowledge adding instead 8 drops of gamey matter colouring. Keep the transmute until you have prefab and added all six colors. I victimized 16 drops for red. (Tone: I did each layer one after another, but you mightiness have to inactivity in between to not overheat your microwave.)
  4. Once the chisel has completely cooled, disappear it from the pan, shedding off the metal device. Cut the falsify into squares and keep inaccurate of the icebox for up to two weeks in an invulnerable container.


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