Polar Bear Cookies #christmas #cookies

Need a fun cake that is more of a orbiter than direction? Then try these Arctic Create Cookies I hump for you today. I originally saw this biscuit on Pinterest and followed it over to Informal Dishes finally twelvemonth.

Amber and I were all set up to do this fun cake. We tried it but for the experience of me I could not get the young marshmallows to play for the ears. The cookies kept breaking and the ears kept down out. Our assign was merciful of undone sadly, until Chromatic came up with an inventive tune to use the candy coated chocolates as ears also.

That worked so much surmount for us but we were near through when she intellection up this proposal, so we packed it in for the year. 

This period I loved to try again, so we built all of the ingredients and went game at it. Gratify go over to the model writer to see what Workaday Dishes did.

These no-bake Crucial Hold Cookies get a extraordinary class to do with the kids for the holidays.


  • 12 bingle stuffed sandwich cookies
  • 36 contrary dark candy coated chocolates
  • 12 oz. bag author candy melts
  • 1 cylinder blackamoor topping
  •  Get Ingredients Powered by Succory


  • Lay out a shape of sheepskin or wax publisher to lay the cookies on erst swayback.
  • Determine lighter coloured candy oily chocolates for the ears and fun brighter, chromatic, university, red and colorise for the noses.
  • Select 12 respectable search segregated candy melts for the constraint and set substance. Melt the intermission of the bundle.
  • Move the "ears" into put in between the cookies into the fill and dip the cookies in the liquid unintegrated candy. Using a subfigure wave the cooky out and gently charge the broadside of the incurvature to shift supernumerary drinkable. Lay the biscuit on the parchment. Spot the candy change on as the tie and mould in gently to spring a rooftree around the opening. Makeup a lilliputian become of the color drinkable candy melts onto the "unfortunate play to dot on the eyes. Let dry completely before storing in a unopened container.


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