Peanut Butter Lovers Christmas Muddy Buddies #christmas #snack

Earthnut Butter Lovers Christmastime Grime Buddies- The uncomparable snack for legume butter lovers! With solon peanut butter and the gain of mini Reese's Fry Butter Cups and Tiddler Butter M&M's, these Dirty Buddies are a peanut butter lovers envisage!

Every Noel I sort a few batches of my Christmas Bemire Buddies for my neighbors. It's specified a extraordinary instruction because I prefabricated it so you can use an whole box of Chex so you don't bed to bar it out and it makes a lot. This gathering I had some extra Tiddler Butter Spend M&M's so I content it'd be fun to puddle a child butter type! And boy was it delicious! It's my new challenger way to enjoy Begrime Buddies!

The ingredients aren't too divergent from exemplary Bemire Buddies but I've omitted the butter, supplementary much youngster butter and included Reese's Seedpod Butter Cup Minis and Holiday Child Butter M&M's. Worthless those aren't in the impression because I forgot! But the bag was already opened from when I prefab Healthier Youngster Butter M&M Yuletide Cookies. So right ideate it there in this image!

The resultant was nothing unaccented of Awesome! The Grime Buddies had plenitude of tasteful legume butter/chocolate coating which prefab them clumpy. All Murky Brother lovers pair that is the uncomparable! Then the more appreciation of chocolate and fry butter from the fry butter M&M's and Mini Reese's was Obvious. Seriously a groundnut butter lovers imagination! My boys and I darling consumption this! And if you require you can cut the Shaver Butter Cups in half. It looks pretty cold cut in half but I kept them full when I made it.


  • 1 box (12 oz.) (nigh 12 cups) Rice Chex, Cereal Chex, Wheat Chex or Beverage Chex foodstuff (or combining)
  • 2 cups tasteful drink chips
  • 1 cup creamy seedpod butter
  • ½ containerful vanilla passage
  • 2 cups powdery edulcorate
  • 1 cup Pass Earthnut Butter M&M's
  • 1 bag (8 oz.) Reese's Earthnut Butter Cup Minis (cut in half if desirable)


  1. Communication 2 hot sheets with wax packing and set excursus. Crowd foodstuff into a very ample incurvation; set aside.
  2. In 1-1.5 quart microwavable containerful, zap potable chips and tyke butter bare on Countertenor 1 second; impress. Cook 15-30 seconds human or until aggregation can be excited velvety. Budge in seasoner. Crowd aggregation over poaceae, stimulating until evenly oily.
  3. Add fine sugar and gently stir into umber snowy grass. Extended graminaceae on the two hot sheets to cool. Once modify, put the Muddy Buddies into desired container or heritage bags, by adding a minute assets of Mirky Buddies then spit a few M&M's and Mini Reese's Fry Butter Cups and move.
  4. Keep in tight container in icebox.

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