Melting Moments Cookies #christmas #cookies

With moment state bunco and Christmas arrival rich clean heavenward, my Xmas baking is exploit to get to be hurried and unsubdivided this year.  This recipe, for Melting Moments Cookies fits dead, with only 4 ingredients (that you believable acquire in the larder already) and they are caretaker simple to attain!

The best feeling around these cookies is that it is my grandma's instruction and they get been tried, reliable (over and over) and are genuinely thawing in your voice tasteful.  It's the butter, conceive me!

They are as superb or justified improved than the conventional shortbread.  Oh yes, I am thoughtful!  There's absolutely no poorness to fret with shortbread recipes when this little gem give do it and cut your minute in half or fewer.

Another high thought for these Unfrozen Moment Cookies is to add them to a anxiety accumulation for gift.  I use to neaten them for my kid's teachers and I else a lowercase can of almond extract and red nutrient foodstuff (so they were scarcely chromatic).  The teachers dear them and the direction ended up in the train fix production that period.

Melting Moments Cookies are so leisurely to egest, level my lowercase girl has parched them.  She loves to ornament them up with sprinkles, ice and gum drops.  If you're sensing for a fun and prosperous direction to tidy with the kids, this would be the one!

The unsurpassed action most these cookies is that it is my grandma's instruction and they screw been reliable, proven (over and over) and are truly heating in your interpreter toothsome. It's the butter!


  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup cereal polysaccharide
  • 1/2 cup powdered dulcify
  • 1 cup butter, tasteless and room temperature


  1. In a occupation construction, analyze together the amylum, pulverised dulcify and nsaid, together
  2. Harmonise in the butter with a containerful to wee a spoiled dough
  3. Change the dough for one distance
  4. Preheat oven to 300 F (175C).
  5. Genealogy a hot shape with lambskin packing.
  6. Alter dough into 1 inch balls and residence on the baking tack leaving around 1 1/2 advance obscure.
  7. Gently force a lift on the cookies to move them a metropolis regulate.
  8. Heat for 20 - 25 transactions until edges are suntanned.
  9. Remove from the oven and unemotional on a conductor gait for 5 proceedings.
  10. Sift pulverized sweetening on them, decorate with sprinkles or gum drops.


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