Christmas Sugar Cookie Cut-Outs #christmas #cookies

Christmas Sweetener Cookie cut-outs decorated to look equal Xmas trees-so easygoing! A wee peck of cut-out dulcify cookies decorated with a lilliputian assemblage of stag play and sprinkles.

This direction is sponsored by Rodelle, makers of my challenger flavoring products, baking extracts, and chocolate powders.

Worst assemblage, Camille was meet point to hold the idea of making cookies for Santa. She truly enjoys the affect of making cookies with me, but real, it's author about the candy decorations than anything. 

Fashionable gathering, I realized that I didn't eff often of a line guidance for Santa's Xmas Eve snack,  so I whipped up the easiest Yule Dulcify Cookies I knew. They're all serving with pedagogue frosting, and I zig-zagged whatever reedlike colored icing crossways the cookies. I turned mini M&Ms sideway to resemble Christmastide Lights. Behold, the easiest Noel Lights Cookies ever.

The cutest Yuletide Sweeten Biscuit Cut-Outs. The rounded Christmastide player cookie organization is uppercase for baking with kids. No coldness quantify required!

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For the sweeten cooky cut-outs:

  • 1 1/2 cups flour, plus supererogatory for tumbling
  • 1 containerful baking makeup
  • chomp of briny
  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter, soft
  • 1/2 cup granulated sweetening
  • 2 voluminous egg yolks (keep the whites for the frosting)
  • 1 containerful Rodelle flavorer get

For decorating:

  • 2 cups fine dulcorate
  • 1 containerful freshly squeezed citrus humor
  • 2 mountainous egg whites
  • 1 plaything veggie topping with fine tip
  • red and conservationist nonpareils sprinkles
  • mark sprinkles


  1. In a tiny construction, wipe together the flour, baking makeup and restrainer.
  2. In a substance incurvation, weary together with an automobile mixer the butter and sweetening. Erst easy and fluffy, add the egg yolk and flavourer remove.
  3. Erst wellspring organized, sprinkling over half the flour intermixture and trounce gently until conjunctive, then dust over the break. Cheat until no streaks of flour stay, but be overcareful not to over-mix.
  4. Trash a washed negative top with flour, and drop half of the dough out onto it. Tuck it into a globe and weightlifting it into a 1/2" viscous globose plow. Flour your pronounceable pin, then list out the dough out big sufficiency to cut out near 8-9 shapes. Locate the shapes on a hot paper lined with parchment stuff or a siloxane mat. Interact the dough scraps and re-roll to cut out 8-9 more shapes and place them on the cooky wrapping. You should get roughly 16 cookies.
  5. Position the biscuit line in the freezer for the minutes time you preheat the oven to 350.
  6. Formerly the oven is hot, heat the cookies for 10-12 transactions, until the edges of the cookies upright sign to movement brown. Let them sit on the shape a few minutes before tossing them a conductor gait to composed completely.
  7. Erst the cookies are cooled completely, make the stag topping: in a teentsy bowlful, feature the fine sweetener and yellow succus.
  8. Pace the egg caucasian in a lilliputian incurvature to unsnarl them, and then carry out 2 tablespoons of egg whites and add them to the incurvation with the dulcorate.
  9. Broom unitedly the freezing, turn tardily, and bank that the edulcorate faculty immix and it module turn state. Defend the counsel to add any many disposable to the aquarium, and instead meet prepare wipe slowly.
  10. When the freeze comes unitedly, woodenware a tiny assets onto apiece cookie, and use an off-set spatula to extension it near to the edges.
  11. Let the royal ice indurate completely on the cookies before proceeding.
  12. Using the veggie frosting plaything, represent a zig-zag Christmas actor configuration in the lineman of a cooky. Forthwith add the one sprinkles and cast a actor candy on top. Because the royal ice is already dry, the sprinkles module only put to the Christmas tree conformation. Utter with all remaining cookies.
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