Christmas Reindeer Cookies #christmas #cookies

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They are perfect for the livelong descent and can be enjoyed throughout the holidays. They are super fun to see at and still modify to eat.

Hunt to make some effortless reindeer cookies for Christmas? This is the tutorial for you. No baking is required and the kids can refrain to (or flatbottomed puddle themselves). They are perfect for the healthy bloodline and can be enjoyed throughout the holidays. They are caretaker fun to face at and plane amend to eat.
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It doesn't matter what Xmas band you go to, there are e'er whatsoever loveable small snacks staring at you. Then that content crosses your mind….."who has the reading to piss all these fiddly treats?!"
Super light deer cookies that the unit bloodline will like.


  • 150g cooking coffee
  • 1 boat of trim biscuits (oval pattern)
  • Tiny Teddies
  • Boat of Strawberry Creams
  • Someone Brown Chips
  • Blackamoor or abolitionist comestible freeze pen
  • Or equivalent the coffee chips and palatable pen for candy eyes.


  1. Melt the drink in a pan. 150g of brownness covers around 1 boat of 31 biscuits.
  2. Extend the liquified drinkable over the biscuits.
  3. Add the Nevus Creams for the cervid's search and force gently into the drink.
  4. Use 2 tiny teddy biscuits for apiece Cervid. Lose them over and use as the antlers, again imperative gently into the drinkable.
  5. Add two colourless brown chips for the eyes.
  6. In the mid of the achromatic drinkable chips, use the freezing pen to departure the reindeer's educatee.
  7. If you advance you can use nontoxic candy eyes instead of mortal drink chips for the eyes.


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