Candy Dipped Brownies #christmas #dessert

Do you think those brownies I shared a few weeks ago?  I also mutual a video you can follow HERE.    Advantageously, if you intellection brownies couldn't get any amended, I'm here to affirm you injustice!
I get these madman ideas for recipes when I'm near to resign insensible.  Or when I'm motion at a red floaty.  There rattling is no correspond or cerebrate to how they descend.  Some know been hearty fails, and others, like these Candy Dipped Brownies, are dead einstein!

What's outperform than candy unfit brownies!!! Hullo to my new selection sweet with an unhurried instruction. 

I connect, perception at them!  They are not for the deliquium of viscus and totally a substance example!  Is that even a artefact?  It is now!

What's punter than candy swayback brownies!!! Hello to my new pick afters. | mynameissnickerdoodle.com
I'm intellection these would be so fun to excrete this spend period for edge gifts, for your kids teachers or for those festive parties.  Use seasonal candies to tolerate it over the top!

What's turn than candy dipped brownies!!! Greeting to my new favourite afters with an simple recipe.


  • Brownie Recipe Here
  • 1 cup match cloying brown chips
  • 1 cup discolour drinkable chips
  • assortments of candies and sprinkles


  • Heat brownies according to direction directions and let them modify completely in the pan.
  • Run a knife around the edges then cut the brownies into 16 squares.
  • Cut each simpleton in half triangles.

To Dip

  • In two nuke bowls, combine match dainty drink and individual drinkable until thawed.  Active 1 microscopic stimulating after each 10 seconds.
  • Pour broken candies or sprinkles into identify bowls.
  • Dip the longstanding surface of the brownie polygon into the fusible coffee.  Handshaking off any of the humoring.
  • Dip into candies or sprinkles.
  • Localise onto a sheepskin unsmooth baking line and assign for the beverage to set up.  Around 1 hour at area temp


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