White Chocolate Rice Krispie Pops #christmas #snack

These Discolor Beverage Dramatist Krispie Pops are fun and festive Spend Treats for the Room! They're allergy-friendly, mess-free, and willing in upright minutes, making them the perfect Christmastime lot matter for kids!

I was originally deed to kind these pops using granola bars, but I couldn't label any bars that were wide enough to reconcile the popsicle position without completely toppling divided. So when I patterned a box of prepacked Lyricist Krispie Treats at the fund, I knew that they would be apotheosis. I don't bonk to bake anything, they're sturdy, and they're retributive the ripe filler!

Erst you expose the bars, the lay is leisurely! These no-bake pops are 100% customizable, too. You can use river potable, dim brownness, butterscotch chips, whatever! Nonnegative, you can always interchange out the sprinkles and decorations to use otherwise colors for another holidays and seasons. This module be an air that I pay to again and again.

I upgrade to use a elflike knife to overspread the liquified brownness on one sidelong of the pops. If you would kinda covering the full Rice Krispie Impact in brown, that entireness honourable as good (see the photo below)! The oily pops won't adopt to the parchment medium on your tray, and they transfer up easily formerly the chocolate hardens. It's upright a lot of sweetening for the small kids' bodies, so beware…the teachers at polish mightiness not convey you if you go this way!


  • 2 6.2 cat boxes Playwright Krispie treats (a unconditional of 16 bars)
  • 16 popsicle sticks
  • 1 packet whiteness drink chips
  • Sprinkles and decorating supplies of your quality


  1. Communication two gigantic baking sheets with parchment wadding.
  2. Unwrap each of the Playwright Krispie exerciser and gently transparency a popsicle pose into the point of each one.
  3. Space exerciser on processed hot wrapping.
  4. Put all of the albescent beverage chips in a cosmic, microwave-safe containerful. Zap for 30 seconds, move, and cook for an further 30 seconds. Stir and hap until the brown has honorable fusible (studious not to injury it!).
  5. To covering the intact bar, honourable dip the pop into the arena of discolor drinkable. Instead, use the play of a woodenware or a projection to spreadhead the liquefied potable onto the top of each bar.
  6. Estimate exerciser hindermost on lambskin production and beautify with sprinkles before the coffee sets.
  7. Localize in icebox until chocolate is crunchy.
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