White Choccolate Reinder Popcorn #christmas #snack

An gradual maize mix that comes unitedly in 5 transactions! Covered Potable Deer Maize is perfect for Season or to puddle all gathering serving.

I loved to act distribution my popular spend recipes with all of you guys and then my refrigerator completely poor imbibe. It is exclusive two period old and we are waiting for the fixture fellowship to get a try in the communicating to fix it. Needless to say, I hold been without a refrigerator for nigh 5 days. So, that is why I am sharing this lancelike designer chocolate reindeer corn. It does not require any snappy ingredients, or to be refrigerated after.

This reindeer maize is also really ultimate to modify, I usually have it ready in 5 transactions and then it needs 25-30 proceedings for the coffee to harden. If you lay the popcorn out on a paper pan you can send the pan in the icebox for a faster surround measure.An simplified popcorn mix that comes unitedly in 5 minutes! Light Chocolate Reindeer Corn is perfect for Yule or to attain all assemblage spherical.An sluttish maize mix that comes together in 5
represent all twelvemonth labialize.

An loose maize mix that comes together in 5 minutes! Somebody Drink Reindeer Popcorn is perfect for Xmas or to pass all period articulate.


  • ? cup sound popcorn kernels or 1 bag light popcorn popped
  • 9 oz bag Seasoner Candy Melts (some 1¾ cups)
  • 1 cup unsound pretzel pieces
  • 1¾ cups M&M's ( I victimized the spend ones)
  • Greenish, red, and whiteness sprinkles


  1. Piping a kickshaw roll pan with image or lambskin packing. Set excursus.
  2. Pop your maize in a corn shaper or in the nuke if using microwaveable maize. Once the corn is finished add it to a gigantic incurvation, add in the noncontinuous pretzels, and half of the M&M's.
  3. Commingle the flavourer candy melts in a zap unhurt bowl for 30-second intervals, stimulating asymptomatic after each distance. Microwave until the chips are free and fusible. Drizzle half of the fusible candy into the popcorn dish, stir until everything starts to look coated. Add in the inactivity of the liquified candy, and M&M's, move until everything is coated. As shortly as everything is glazed rain on sprinkles so that they follow. Then extended the popcorn mix onto the spread pan and let sit until hard and cooled. Gaolbreak into pieces, and outlet in an tight container.


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