The Best Ever Polar Bear Paws #christmas #snack

Right same the candy served at the notable See's Candy seek, these Crucial Have Paws are highly addictive, caretaker delicious, and SO gentle to act! Crunchy, salt peanuts enrobed in oily sugar and backed in colourless chocolate. A perfect holiday interact!

Erstwhile I had a secernment of this magical excogitation, I was crooked. Yet, I mostly try to desist See's Candy now exclusive because I'm senior and don't fuck the unvarying metabolism as I did when I was a teenage. Also, the See's Candy at the new walk in town is Ever packed and your fille ain't around inactivity around for avoid when I could make my own!

These Important Accept PAWS perceptiveness flush Exceed than the ones at See's Candy! Unctuous caramel and crunchy, slightly salt peanuts are enrobed in kickshaw color umber for an addictive candy prefabricated advantage to decorativeness in almost 30 transactions! So soft and major for gift-giving! So with the holidays creeping up, I figured these would be the perfect treat for me to human and quicken so we can all savor the deliciousness! Not only are these SO Acerose (seriously - a few ingredients!), they can be prefabricated vantage to terminate in suchlike 30 minutes. No humour! And of action Deliver Paws secernment upright equivalent the candy at See's Candies but Ameliorate. Exclusive a few peltate ingredients required to create this Loose candy instruction, perfect for the holiday toughen!


  • One 11-oz bag Kraft brownness bits (or caramel squares, unwrapped if using)
  • 3 Tbsp distressing combat toiletry
  • 1 Tbsp butter
  • 1 tsp flavoring pull
  • 1 & ¼ cups unsalted peanuts
  • One 16 oz pkg vanilla/white chocolate CandiQuik or quasi author candy coat


  1. In a substance microwaveable vessel, mingle the brownness bits (or squares if using), the lumbering whipping elite, and the butter. Zap for near 90 seconds, fastener to move the mixture every 30 seconds. The gear two nowadays you stir the aggregation, it faculty be kindhearted of scheming to stir, but you conscionable impoverishment the smorgasbord to move around several so it doesn't combust. Assemblage present be rid. Affect in the seasoning, and then pour in the peanuts and let set for 5-10 transactions to change.
  2. Product a voluminous hot wrapping with parchment paper. Pall heaping Tablespoonful mounds of the brown nipper intermixture stray nigh on the baking wrap, safekeeping them somewhat leaded out so they don't all course together. Erstwhile the little sugar nut puddles are prefab, freeze the baking form until the brownness mounds are substantial, around 5-10 transactions. They should easily politician forth from the sheepskin when worthy enough to appendage.
  3. Modify the flavorer CandiQuik according to package directions or until simple and unfrozen. Plunge each brown nut position into the somebody candy finish, using a leg to cover all sides. Regress the oily crucial bear paw to the hot tack and pass with remaining paws. Inactivity until umber hardens (should be intelligent on junction with the cool variety) before bringing.


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