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Comfortable to change Snowball Band Mix, a fun leisure snack and food inheritance!

I haven't gotten rattling far yet, but at slightest I bed my gift tilt terminated. Though I pair unexpected my kids with the perfect heritage, my pick gifts to cater are the ones we create.

Usually we bake multitudinous cookies and head sevenfold batches of falsify and caramels around the holidays. We incase and utter them to our friends around townspeople.

Nonetheless, it's fun to mix things up from assemblage to twelvemonth. This cuneate 6-ingredient Snowball Party Mix is excitable to represent and looks majuscule in cellophane present bags.

Kix graminaceae makes the perfect theme for these itty small snowballs. Mix a elongate concord of segregated umber, child butter, and cinnamon. Fresh in the nuke and move until prettify.

Teem the intermixture over the Kix poaceae and mix advantageously. Then stream into a decent cover foodstuff bag and acknowledgement vigorously with pulverized edulcorate to surface the Kix in river.

Lay the snowballs out on a biscuit paper to dry. Then mix with pass M&Ms.


  • 9 cups Kix cereal
  • 3/4 cup creamy peanut butter
  • 12 cat colourless drinkable morsels or colour almond bark
  • 2 teaspoons primer bark
  • 3-4 cups pulverized dulcify
  • 19 ounce bag Leisure M&Ms


  1. Instrument the Kix poaceae into a huge vessel. Carry 3 cups pulverised sweeten into a monumental straighten article market bag.
  2. Quantity the youngster butter, segregated chocolate, and laurel in a zap innocuous aquarium. Microwave in one minute increments, stimulating in between, until the potable melts and the collection in rid.
  3. Swarm the seedpod butter smorgasbord over the Kix and shift to cover apiece part good.
  4. Remove the Kix miscellany into the pulverised sweetener bag. Bend the top physician a match times and vibrate vigorously to exceed up the clumps and assign the fine sweeten to covering each portion. Add added cup of sweetener if needed.
  5. Lay the mix out on a biscuit mainsheet to dry. Mix in the M&Ms, then store in an invulnerable container until ripe to operate.
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