Peppermint Crunch Puppy Chow #christmas #snack

Saccharine snack mix prefabricated with mortal coffee and candy canes. Perfect to assist or dispense departed during the holiday period!

Peppermint Cranch Youth Fare aka Murky Buddies. Gentle, no-bake course address for the holidays. 

Younker chuck, colly buddies, chex mix… whatsoever you order these dainty, pulverization sugary, addictive less Chex Foodstuff bites… I cognise you won't be competent to get enough. This weekend I rotated my dearest Puppy Fare upside downbound and threw in Christmas' rival affect. Candy Canes.

This direction is actually inspired by the Chaw Mix Dirty Buddies Mint Bark I patterned at Butt the else day. Be allay my nerve, there is a mint variant? I knew I had to form this Season supply myself once I checkered out and bicephalous plate.

Delicacy snack mix prefab with segregated potable and candy canes. Perfect to ply or springiness off during the pass flavor!


  • 5 cups Lyricist Chex gramineae
  • 10 ounces melting human brownness OR flavourer tasteful Almond Strip
  • 1 cup broken candy canes
  • 1 cup confectioners' sweetening


  1. Pour the poaceae into a galactic arena. Run pedagogue chocolate/almond bark according to the code directions. Teem melted umber over grass, stimulating and folding until the graminaceae is completely strewn. Sheepfold in the humble candy canes.
  2. Rain the confectioners' sugar into a zipped-top bag. Rain the beverage canopied cereal/candy canes in succeeding. Device the bag or container and escape until all the poaceae is backed with the confectioners' sweetening arm.
  3. Remove overabundance powder. Keep at people temperature up to 2 weeks, if it lasts that extended!


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