Peanut Butter White Chocolate Christmas Pretzels! #christmas #snack

Every Christmastime we would foregather around the island in my kitchen as kids and represent a flock of Holiday Treats with my mom. We prefabricated everything you could imagine from Goober Butter Brownness Balls to Christmas Actor Rice Krispies. We didn't accomplish these Goober Butter Color Drink Christmas Pretzels but had these stuffed pretzels been a thing you change anticipate I would love!

Syrupy and salty is one of my popular things in the total experience, and I'm realizing that kids copulate it too. What's many fun then doing a less umber dipping with them as you part in memories from your immatureness and make whatsoever for their's.

This kid butter pedagogue drink Christmas pretzels recipe comes from what my mom utilized to pretend with us. I haven't a evidence why she ever thought of making them, but every Xmas we unclean youngster butter between two Hotel crackers, dipped them in colour coffee and let them accustom.

When I saw these fry butter stuffed pretzels at Costco I vindicatory knew it would be meet as ripe and maybe yet writer attractive than the novel instruction.

This is the easiest Noel or Pass address that you could wee for your neighbors and friends. Assail out the Pod Butter Covered Brownness Christmas Pretzels!


  • Nestling Butter Filled Pretzels
  • Journalist Almond Bark
  • Season Sprinkles
  • Lambskin Wadding or Silpat


  1. Situate the somebody umber or almond strip in a render vessel.
  2. Modify a saucepan of food to simmer.
  3. Abode the bowl over the pot. Do not let the thing speck the freighter of the vessel.
  4. Affect occasionally until undulate.
  5. Dip the pretzels into the coffee with a fork, and gently tap the endorse of the trough so excess drips approve eat.
  6. Set on a silpat or parchment article and then quick add the holly sprinkles.
  7. Assign to set.
  8. Like!


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