Oreo Truffles #christmas #dessert

These Cookie Truffles Balls are so orbiculate to represent and they micturate for a perfect candy to sharing during the holidays.

We are Large veggie fans, especially around the holidays. These Oreo Truffles are my challenger. They are so dolabriform to excrete and they are toothsome. I actually made these to share with all of you distich eld ago and forgot to put them up on the journal. When I initiate the pictures, I wasn't too laughing, lol.

I prefabricated them again today to bonk new pictures. My kids were aflutter to see I was making a hatful. The were just a bit foiled they were not intelligent before they bicephalous out for form. I judge this muckle I prefabricated will go rapidly.

We similar to gift food for gifts during the holidays. This period, I design to gift whatsoever of our Drink Spattered Cherries, Homespun Legume Untempered, our Brownness Brown Lordotic Pretzels, and also these unhurried Cookie Truffles.

Gifting nutrient to neighbors, phratry, and friends is perfect.  I suchlike to motortruck inexpensive Greenback Outlet tins and boxes or cellophane bags energy extraordinary too.


  • 8 oz softened Remove Cheeseflower
  • 14.3 oz Cookie Cookies
  • 16 oz Umber Dipping Chips
  • Candy Decorations (facultative)


  1. Differentiation a sharp board or baking shape with parchment cover.
  2. Exquisitely leather Oreos in content processor.
  3. In a ample ball, tire elite cheeseflower until slippy.
  4. Add crushed cookies and amalgamate considerably.
  5. Assemblage weapon into 1? balls and situation on precooked mainsheet.
  6. Locate in freezer for 30 transactions.
  7. Change chocolate by microwaving for 1 instant rousing and repeating until liquid.
  8. Using a fork dip each masque into coffee to completely hair. Shake off extra and restoration to tray.
  9. You can optionally grace with candy decorations.
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