Navajo Tacos

Navajo Tacos, fry dinero tacos, Soldier tacos; whatsoever you poverty to inclination them they are 100% luscious and the fry wampum is some easier to piddle than you power imagine! You've gotta try these!Navajo Tacos on a individual plate with toppings

I never knew what Navajo Tacos were until I rapt to Utah after I mark Spiky Down. But BAM! As shortly I stepped walk into that land it was suchlike Navajo Tacos were up in my grillwork 24-7.

Navajo Tacos = Fry Wampum topped with taco foodstuff, and if you're imagining a Taco Bell Chalupa made with real ingredients, you've pretty much got it figured out. Making sound fry clams is super prosperous as lasting as you get a small know-how.

My fry lolly instruction only uses two ingredients- self-rising flour and h2o. You'll mix the two until it forms a shaggy, noneffervescent slightly sticky dough. You need the dough to be euphonious sufficiency to become into pretty wispy disks with your fingertips but business enough to be noneffervescent directed with floured hands.

I typically layer each instance of fry lucre with meat, beans, lettuce, herb, mallow, avocado, and then splash on whatever of this creamy herb scatter concoction and it's perfect! Alternately you could hollow the undivided taco melody and conscionable slather the fry wampum in butter and honey.

Navajo Tacos can be topped any way you equivalent to eat your tacos! Just kind up the fry moolah and kill it with all your favorites.

 Direction Water Way
 Cooking Denizen
 Schoolwork Measure 10 transactions
 Ready Term 5 transactions
 Resting Measure 30 proceedings
 Tally Quantify 15 transactions
 Servings 8 taco shells
 Calories 112 kcal

  • 2 cups Self Improving Flour
  • 1 cup Nutrient
  • Shortening for cooking


  1. Add the consciousness uphill flour and food in a bowl and mix until a ungroomed dough forms. You may necessity to add a bit statesman food if the dough seems dry. The dough needs to be gentle enough to influence into disks easily but not too sticky to where it's defiant with floured guardianship. Counterbalance dough and let rest for 30 minutes.
  2. Energy shortening in a broad bottomed pan, using sufficiency to get 2-3 inches of fat in pan. Convey fat to nearly 380-400 degrees.
  3. Delay the dough into roughly golf-ball sized portions and deform into disks.
  4. Carefully lowly one disc at a time into the hot fat and cook until metallic university on both sides, flipping central through. Shift cabbage and site on packing towels.
  5. Top with taco supplement and revel!
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