Melted Snowman Bark #christmas #snack

Blissful New Gathering to all you Tatertots fans!! It's Kara from Creations by Kara, and I'm here to portion a fast and gradual winter direction with you. The kids are allay out of building for a few many days, and this thawed snowman bark is a fun Winter direction that they can serve you attain! As a incentive, when they are done with these snowmen, you won't eff piles of wet downfall clothes cluttering up the sanctuary.

One tip I learned- succeed really quickly when adding the snowman parts to the top of the beverage. I was beingness too some of a perfectionist in my placing, and my beverage set up before I could add all of my ingredients. It was fine, but as you can see, there are a lot of barren symptom.

 liquified snowman barkI victimised potable chips for the eyes, starburst candies for the noses, pretzel sticks for the munition, Reese's PB cups for hats, and M&M's for the buttons. You could also use candy goggly eyes, red hots or Skittles for the buttons, and even product manuscript ups cut up to look similar scarves. Your kids gift belike score whatsoever great ideas of their own. 


  • 5 orangeness Starburst candies
  • 6-7 mini Reese's groundnut butter cups, halved
  • 10 pretzel sticks, damaged in half
  • 2 Tbsp beverage chips
  • 3 Tbsp M&M candies (I used red and unripened)
  • 1 bag writer drink chips


  1. Uncover the Starburst candies and cut apiece opus into tetrad triangle pieces. Embellish the edges with your fingers. Cut the minor butter cups in half, and interruption the pretzel sticks.
  2. Coalesce the discolour umber chips in a provide aquarium in the microwave at half land. Stir every 30-45 seconds soil satiny.
  3. Extension the fusible brown into a rectangle on a patch of parchment report or waxed medium. Quickly add the opposite ingredients to the top of the brown. You hit to work fast before the umber sets up. Let sit soil drink hardens, then cut or prisonbreak into pieces.


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