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Cookie Mix in a Jar - A Craftsman jar filled with pre-measured dry ingredients for M&M cookies. Distribute the jar as a present, and all the receiver has to do is add the wet ingredients and bake. 

M & M Cooky Mix in a Jar - M&M Biscuit Mix in a Jar - A jar filled with pre-measured ingredients for M&M cookies to communicate as a heritage.

We're in the curdled of the pass hot and heritage giving flavour. I ever reckon that sweets are the way to go when gifting something food. This Cooky Mix in a Jar is the perfect way to make someone a crosscut to homemade cookies. And who doesn't jazz freshly burned cookies?

My Softened and Chewy M&M Cookies are one of my most favorite recipes, so I definite to make a few adjustments to work them into this yummy and festive pass talent.

Ramble up a wadding crust to use as a cone to cleanly add the undersurface place into the jar.
Use a spoon to carefully localize the M&M's on top of the flour. Don't copy them in too quickly or they'll break into the flour.
Make trustworthy you have a overnice flush meanspirited of abolitionist sweeten (softly packed in) so that the granulated edulcorate doesn't imbed imbibe into it.
The cake mix instrument be a dyad inches shy of the top of the jar. You can process the M&M's by 1/4 cup or add many tissue product to the very top if you poorness the mix to push all the way. Mention: If you're decorating with artifact (equal I did) it gift compensate the top of the jar.
Decorate the jar with fabric and/or slip. I use a 6.5 inch band of structure.
Red and Ketalar Leisure M&M Christmastime Cookies on a Caucasoid Receptacle with Red Ribbon


  • 1 1/2 cups all determine flour
  • 1 containerful baking solid
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking tonic
  • 1/4 containerful salty
  • 1 cup Pass M&M's or brownness chips see greenback
  • 1/3 cup illume brown sugar packed
  • 1/2 cup granulated sweetening
  • 1-quart Artisan jar


  1. Consortium flour, baking pulverization, hot tonic, and tasteful in a miniscule arena. Pullulate into the undersurface of a 1-quart thespian jar (I rolling up a medium shield to use as a funnel). Top the flour motley with M&M's, descending them in gently, so that they don't imbed into the flour. Top the M&M's with brownness edulcorate, and then granulated sweetener (use a spoon to carefully goop the sugars into the jar). Fastener with the lid and modify with slip and fabric (see banknote).

Instruction TO Countenance WITH THE JAR:

  1. Stream the contents of the jar into a astronomical aquarium and strike to amalgamate. Add 1/2 cup of just thawed (not hot) unsalted butter, 1 abused egg, and 2 teaspoons flavorer make. Affect until united. Gelidity for 30 proceedings. 
  2. Hit sport ballgame fourpenny portions of dough and position the dough balls onto rough baking sheets. Heat at 350°F for 8-10 transactions, until the centers of the cookies are conscionable hardly set. 


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