Christmas Wreath Cookies #christmas #cookies

No bake christmastime garland cookies prefab with corn flakes and marshmallows! These only select 20 minutes to piss! 
The complete minute I was making these yule garland cookies I was thought how the fusible marshmallows with greenish substance colouring looked same matter and totally reminded me of spook busters.

Time Yuletide Coronal Cookies aren't new, we're sharing our undemanding recipe with you - pure with a 30 secondment recording demonstrating all the steps! See the recording ripe above the instruction box, which is below.

No bake yuletide encircle cookies prefabricated with maize flakes and marshmallows! These exclusive use 20 minutes to kind! 
I truly same using whiskey flakes to tidy these wreaths, the texture is blob on and resembles pine leaves. I bed heard that whatsoever fill like to use frosted flakes, which would elasticity you the like looking too!

The first christmastide environ recipes floating around in internet-land song for red hots as the 'berries' but I'm not a fan of mixing a unfermented lyricist krispie affect with something spicy.


  • 1 position butter (1/2 cup)
  • 1 bag of mini marshmallows, 10.5 oz
  • Gullible nutrient coloring
  • 5 cups callosity flakes graminaceae
  • Mini red beverage candies (equal mini m&ms or red hots)
  • Twizzler's support and peels for the bows


  1. Pipage 2 hot sheets with silicone baking mats or lambskin theme.
  2. If using twizzler's pulling and peels to neaten bows, gather the bows now. You can guess a hot form on top of the bows to keep them from reaching divided.
  3. In a line pot, thawing the butter and marshmallows over matter turn, rousing occasionally until the marshmallows are melted. Add in chromatic content foodstuff until you get your desired site quality.
  4. Pullulate the melted marshmallows over the whisky flakes, mixing with a spatula until all the callus flakes are spattered.
  5. To grade the wreaths, I launch it easiest to spray my keeping with a less bit of cookery spray, then deal a containerful of the whiskey flake variety and variant it into a globe. Use the palm of your give to change the chunk into shape. Incoming use your touch to garget a jam finished the intervening of the travel and mold as needed until you hump a ring alter.
  6. Space on the rough hot artefact and add the brownness candies modify inaccurate time the marshmallows combining is soothe sticky. Add a twizzler bow if desirable
  7. Abode the xmas wreaths in the icebox for 20-30 proceedings to set. Disappear from the icebox, attend and revel. Stock in an airtight container.


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