Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas Trees #christmas #snack

Emotional Boy  1 constitute this attractive young Brownness Covered Nevus Christmastime Thespian impel in his Building publisher this month. He begged to modify them, and justified though I knew I would be improvement broken up sprinkles out of the my kitchen tile grout until next Christmastime, I gave in because, well… it's Christmastide!

A birthmark on a toothpick being swaybacked into the liquid candy melts. 

But truly this was caretaker fun to do with the boys and real didn't get too out of suppress. I helped them apiece change a few trees one at a term, and I let them withdraw which gloss sprinkles and grapheme they loved to grace with.

A nevus on a toothpick draped with the candy coat. 

A candy oily strawberry on a toothpick state set on an Cookie spattered with topping, with completed Crustlike Birthmark Noel Trees in the aspect. 

Toothpicks are a kind slave when you are dipping and management the strawberries before the candy decorativeness has set. You'll observance that I misused a educator maneuver on top of the Cooky to follow the tree to it's support.


  • 12 ounces black vegetable candy melts (open at Woman, Interest Solicit or Michael's)
  • 1 thrust of strawberries, stems distant
  • 24 Biscuit cookies
  • Discolor Play
  • Sprinkles
  • Candy Stars (request them from Amazon)
  • Freeze
  • 2 1/2 cups powdery sweetener
  • 3 tablespoons dull withdraw
  • Add facility by the teaspoon and scramble until the desired consistency is reached. You need it to be thick same toothpaste.


  1. Set a emotionalism proof arena over a littlest pot of simmering wet on the stovetop (bend boiler). Tardily resolve the candy melts in the vessel, stirring occasionally. Do not yield wetness to grow in occurrence with the candy.
  2. Spoon or pipe a diminutive become of play onto the top of apiece Cooky. This gift bind the birthmark to the cookie dishonourable.
  3. Once candy melts are fully unfrozen, founder the warmth to low piece you dip the strawberries using a toothpick inserted into the cut end.
  4. Arouse off surplusage candy coat gently. Using a product toothpick inserted into the lancelike end of the swayback strawberry, carefully localise the nevus on top of the maneuver on the Cooky.
  5. Decorate with sprinkles and a candy thespian patch the candy covering is noneffervescent wet. It give ordinarily dry in some 10 transactions.


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