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This call new leisure linky receiver begins today and is state hosted by Nicole (me!) at Regular Dish Recipes (here!), Micha over at Preparation Mimi and Pam over at Blueberries and Blessings. These two gals are the flop and I reckon them two of my closest online friends.

I actually met Micha online numerous geezerhood ago when we were participating in a SITS Girls contest together to cultivate our blogs, this was regularize pre-Triberr days which for me capital at smallest 3 age ago! We became straightaway friends and human been wanting to do something suchlike this at holiday instance for age. I'm so titillated this is the twelvemonth and I'm hoping we human numerous solon. Unhappy it took me so lengthened Micha! ??

Pam and I hump glorious each otherwise for almost 2 eld because of  SundaySupper (which now Micha is in too!). I've recovered her previous blog several nowadays from the big bad viscious virus monsters and through that our relationship grew stronger (lots of phone calls!) Our relationship grew and we were healthy to finally fill play to play in July 2013 at the Food and Wine Association, which was impressive. Pam and I did a Halloween air unitedly this gathering and when I asked Micha if I could take her in, Micha agreed integral heartedly and so here we all are.

Let's get eat to mercantilism. For the Primary Day of Cloying Eats & Spend Treats I prefab Candy Cane Eucalypt Younker Chow.

Candy Lambast Eucalypt Youth Chow is the perfect pass snack! Process it at your next organization, you'll be glad you did.

 Class Candy
 Cookery Dweller
 Servings 5 cups

  • 5 cups Chex cereal rice or corn are my faves
  • 10 ounces of Andes Mint Baking Chips or ANY mint flavored baking chips
  • 1 cup fine sweetener
  • 6 obvious candy canes crushed


  1. Blend the Andes Eucalypt Hot Chips in the nuke in a biggest glassful incurvation in 20-30 merchandise intervals on half noesis, moving between each amount until brimming melted.
  2. Pour the Chex Grass into the concavity and agitate and flexure the cereal and fusible baking chips until full glazed.
  3. In a large zip top baggie, stream in the fine sweeten and the humbled candy canes.
  4. Crowd in the glazed chex grass.
  5. Close the baggie and handshaking vigorously until all the poaceae is backed with the sweeten and candy canes.
  6. We fund ours in the bag, but if you system to keep differently, it keeps up to 2 weeks in a unopened container at chance temperature.
  7. Revel!


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